Tuesday, February 15, 2011

chroot - Change Root

I have recently closed a year old ticket that has some thing to do with chroot. For security reason, we use chroot (in modsecurity) to restrict our Apache process to access only to a desired directory tree. As per chroot document, a program that is re-rooted to another directory cannot access or name files outside that directory, and the directory is called a "chroot jail".
We make sure that chroot is called after Apache process complete it' initialization in order to not break anything, Because otherwise Apache will not be able to access needed share lib, log files, pid file located in various system directories.
However there is a wrong access time the log produced by our Apache. It is always GMT not local time as we want. We have opened ticket with vendor, searching over internet, looking at source code but could not figure out why. The worse thing is that, for first few requests , the access time is correct (local time) but then it gets change to GMT.
Yesterday I have found the reason. I remember that when I ran the strace with the Apache process being chrooted, I saw Apache try to open some files but could not find it. We see a lot of file not found when running strace because various libraries intend to open some file and if it is not found then try others. But in that case the file is /etc/localtime. So it turns out that when logging Apache use apr lib, which call gmtime and mktime, which need to access /etc/localtime. So missing this file in "chroot jail" causes a problem with access time. Without file /etc/localtime gmtime and mktime consider that the machine is in GMT time zone.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information! It at least helped me figure out problems I was having with chroot in mod_ruid2. I had to copy all the files from /usr/share/zoneinfo to the chrooted directory in order to fix an error caused by php date and time calls. The error was claiming that the Timezone database was corrupt. Copying the files to the chroot folder fixed the problem.