Sunday, May 31, 2009

Centralized Management Tools

Big Brother
Hyperic HQ
There is a great presentation of monitoring tools here

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Testing JOPR 2.2.0 - Basic configuration

Modify JBoss server startup options to include JVM as child resource of JBoss Server in JOPR
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djboss.platform.mbeanserver"
Remove an uninterested resource from management a.k.a uninventory
Browse Resources->Servers, select uninterested one, hit uninventory button

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Testing JOPR 2.2.0 - Installation

What is JOPR, RHQ, JBoss ON
JOPR is an open source project from Redhat to develop complex management platform. JOPR is agent based JAVA/J2EE system, where agent is standalone JAVA running and server runs on top of JBOSS Application Server(AS). It can be used to manage JBOSS AS, Tomcat, Apache as well as Oracle, and any IT resources.

JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON) is commercial offer of JOPR in form of support service by Redhat.

JOPR is developed on top of RHQ project. RHQ serves as an maven upstream project for JOPR. RHQ consists of GUI management console, agent container and a set of agent plugins for management of common IT resources.
JOPR extends RHQ by adding additional plugins for JBoss App Server, Tomcat Web Server, etc. . JOPR version 2.2.0 is corresponding with RHQ version 1.2.0.

The original of RHQ is Hyperic HQ. Redhat and Hyperic work together to extract common reusable parts of Hyperic HQ and maintain it as RHQ. The aim is to create a common infrastructure for developing management's application. That is why the project named RHQ, where R stand for Redhat.

Install JOPR Server
Download JOPR binary from JOPR website
Follow instruction in Installation Guide to prepare database server for JOPR server
Change working directory to jopr-server-2.2.0 and type
bin/ start
then open web browser and point to http://localhost:7080
Follow instructions in screen to set database driver, url, username/password to correct values. After that verify database connection.
Hit button Install JOPR server to complete installation process

Modify JOPR server properties file for agent communication
Modify file
# jopr-server-2.2.0/bin/
Restart JOPR server
bin/ stop
bin/ start
Login to JOPR console and watch its log file
Pointing Web browser to http://localhost:7080/
Login use default rhqadmin/rhqadmin as initial username/password
JOPR log file is located in jopr-server-2.2.0/logs/rhq-server-log4j.log

Install JOPR Agent
This shall be done in all machines that we want JOPR to manage .
Download agent from http://<jopr-server-hostname>:7080/agentupdate/download
Install JOPR Agent by typing
java -jar rhq-enterprise-agent-1.2.0.jar --install
Modify JOPR Agent configuration file

# ask jopr agent not to ask for configuration during startup
<entry key="rhq.agent.configuration-setup-flag" value="true" />

<entry key="" value="<jopr-agent-hostname>"/>

<entry key="rhq.agent.server.bind-address" value="<jopr-server-ip-address>" />

# ask jopr agent to listen to on particular ip
<entry key="rhq.communications.connector.bind-address" value="<jopr-agent-ip-address>" />
Start RHQ Agent and watch its log file
change working directory to rhq-agent and run
bin/ -c conf/agent-configuration.xml 
If we reinstall JOPR server then agent's local data and server'data is not in sync. In that case we shall ask agent to clean it's local data when start by using
bin/ -l -c conf/agent-configuration.xml 
The most recent agent's log file is located in rhq-agent/logs/agent.log