Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Python

I known Python during the time I read the book "Test-Driven Development By Example". It is dynamic programming language like Ruby. However I don't like that language as Ruby because of it's syntax, missing open classes, having difficult meta programming style, etc..
I get attention of Python after recent release of Google AppEngine, a combination of web framework written in Python with hosting service. Google AppEngine allows us to develop application in our machine then upload to Google hosting service and benefit from Google Infrastructure including identity management, Google datastore, scalability on demand, etc. . Google AppEngine is now available only for Python developers, they are many so within few hours from announcement of Google AppEngine, the first free 10,000 accounts has gone.
Python has additional good characteristics to be considered as language on new projects:
- Python can compile program to byte code so it has reputation of better performance then Ruby.
- In addition to C implementation, Python has already quite mature .Net and Java implementation, which can be very strong arguments in any integration projects.
- Python has proven track on scalable web site like Google or framework as Django , Zope or application as ERP5