Saturday, August 8, 2009

Joining to ING Direct Spain

ING Group decided not to launch ING Direct Operation in Japan, as result I moved to ING DIRECT Spain. As for non European citizen, the visa process take long time for me. But finally I landed to Spain Office at the end of July.
This is logical step in my career, I want to stay with ING DIRECT and the job market has still very tough. I returned to Europe after 12 years, I moved from Prague to Hanoi in July, 1997.
The first two weeks in the Spain Office is exciting, people are friendly, HR is supportive, office is nice, lunch is free, job is interesting. But like you got marry and went to honeymoon, this period does not last forever. Back to reality, I have to be pragmatic, find the way to integrate to the team and the community, be helpful and continue the journey in my career path.
Weather is Spain in this season is good especially in the morning, drop me a call or a message whenever you go Madrid, I would love to meet you for a drink, tapas.

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