Sunday, July 12, 2009


System administration, support and maintenance

  • Responsible for large scale WebSphere Application Server ND and WebSphere MQ infrastructure used by iFlex (Oracle Flexcube) retail banking system for a leading consumer bank.
  • Led a team, that provide remote and onsite support 24/7 distributed critical J2EE application based on WebLogic and Oracle Database for immigration control.
  • Directly involved in identification and analysis critical problems, was interface point with vendors, customers, and management in incident handling, problems solving process
  • Well versed in using scripting language (RUBY, PYTHON) to automate all kinds of administrative activities including software installation, update; configuration management; application deployment, update; testing; monitoring; and log file management

Java and J2EE Application Server

  • More than 5 years experience with JAVA platform and J2EE framework particularly Websphere, WebLogic. Directly involved in capacity planning, application packaging, deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting that includes sizing memory, thread pools, setting transaction's timeout, maintaining resource pool, etc..
  • Well understood internal JVM and its assembler language (byte code). Hands-on experience in tools and technique for identifying JVM and J2EE problem such as analyzing heap dump, core dump, garbage collector, decompile byte code, injection tracing code into application and container code.

Messaging System

  • More then 7 years in design and implementation of software systems that communicate with each other using asynchronous messages. Understand message creation and processing patterns (Enterprise Integration Patterns) and their applications in real world systems.
  • Responsible for deployment IBM MQ as message backbone for many applications. The responsibility includes interfacing with development team for planning and configuration, testing, trial run, installation, monitoring and troubleshooting

Database System

  • More then 10 years extensive working experience on RDBMS Oracle in both administrator and developer role. Obtained certification on Oracle DBA in 1999, hand-on experiences in large site capacity planning, performance tuning, high availability using Real Application Cluster (RAC) and Data Guard.
  • Involved in database design for many enterprise projects, assisted implementation team in evolving database schema, data migration and cleansing.

Operating System and Hardware

  • More than 10 years experience in design, installation, administration and troubleshooting complex IT infrastructure including UNIX clustering system, IBM FC and iSCSI SAN, CISCO router and PIX firewall
  • Hand-on experience in AIX administration including HACMP. Obtained certification on AIX administration in 1999. Performed installation, configuration, tuning many AIX based systems(s), making them ready for deployment Oracle Database and J2EE application server.
  • Involved in technical pre-sale activities including sizing a system, proposal preparation, technical presentation and alike.

Software Development

  • More than 15 years experience in developing software products with deep knowledge of architecture / design of multi-tiered client-server systems based on middleware including Tuxedo, J2EE (WebSphere, WebLogic) and other emerging Web framework as Ruby on Rails.
  • Skillful in many programming languages including C/C++, JAVA, SQL, PL/SQL, RUBY. Passionate for the simple and easy to understand software with rich domain model. Well versed in OOP, design patterns (Design Patterns - GoF, Pattern for Enterprise Application Architecture - PEAA, Domain Driven Design).
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures and their applications in writing a high performance, time critical system for complex business domain.
  • Extensive experience with state of art software development practices such as pair programming, Test Driven Development (TDD), refactoring, continuous integration.

Business Analysis and Leadership

  • Able to attract, retain and lead people. Led team up to 25 developers, responsible for task planning, technical direction, risk management, code inspections, quality control, performance reviews, staff development. Understood how to create working environment to keep people happy, motivated, creative and productive.
  • Solid presentation skill, proven in communication with customers, understanding problems, capturing domain knowledge and turning it into high level requirements in suitable form for development team and other stakeholders