Saturday, April 25, 2009

Develop an international career - Make yourself visible

No matter how good and skilled you are,it is useless if no one know about it. So make yourself visible, post your resume to professional websites and social networks, create your own blog, subscribe to interested user groups, participate in an online discussion.
Keep in mind that all these techniques only work if you keep your data up to date. When a recruiter doing executive search and find your resume within dozens of others,he/she will easily exclude you if your resume is 2 years old.

Few years back I created my blog. It has only professional content and I decided to keep it in English because my intention is not to have many readers but the right one. Those are recruiters, potential employers and colleagues. I believe, that it helps me to get my first and also second job. Looking at site analytic of the blog, I don't see much traffic but I can identify those coming from area where I received a job offer or where my recruiter is located.

Linked In is great social networking site for professionals, so I would recommend to register and put your career information there.

Again, don't expect anything happened over night, it will take time.

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