Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My first job as programmer

When people are getting older, they tend to lost the past memory. I am not an exception. That is a reason (just to keep the memory) why I want write about my past professional experiences. My career has started quite early in 1991, when I was in the second year at Mathematic and Physic Faculty of Charles University in Prague. At that time a friend of my recommended me a part time work for Metasoft, a software company doing customized software for small enterprises. My task is to customize a application software that will support operation of an accommondation agency. The propgram is pretty simple, the agency has a list of apartments, house and vila for renting. The question, they are intereted is if some houses, apartments or vila of requested capacity are available for a particular period. The program has been writen in Clipper programing environment (simmilar foxpro) on MS DOS.

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