Thursday, June 7, 2007

Naming Exception Corba Comm Failure

Java RMI, Corba, J2EE are sometime still nightmare for developers including these with more than 2 years working experiences with these technologies like myself. I have encountered a "Naming ExceptionCorba Comm Failure" when remote client try to create InitialContext to my Weblogic server. I did check all small details, everything seem to be OK. My Weblogic server is configured to listen on single host interface named "app-svr" that represents a valid IP address My remote client is configured connect to exact same address However it does not work. At some moment, I changed address that Weblogic server is listening from "app-svr" directly to IP address, and suddenly it starts work. It also works when I change back listening IP address of Weblogic server to "app-svr" and at the same time put "app-svr" in to hosts file of my remote client. Such behavior of the JVM RMI implementation can cause big trouble most JAVA developers including myself.

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